Ok, so not to be so dramatic in this, life has treated me kindly. I am married, to my high school sweetheart and from that, 5 amazing people. They are funny, serious, smart, beautiful and they are most definitely loved. I became a mother at 18 and 21 and then I became the wife. Not a path I would recommend to anyone but a path nonetheless.

I have wanted to be a writer since I could write my first words. I have written but never published, a childrens book and one titled “How God and Text Messenging Saved my Marriage.” However, the marriage is still not saved so guess I am on to write chapter 9! To be continued…

I am sold out to God, His Son Jesus and rely on the Holy Spirit everyday. I love God’s people, which are all people. Jesus died for even the ones who deny Him. At 17 years of age, the Lord told me that I would speak for Him! And I love speaking to young adults, moms and women in all stages of life! I love to hear their stories and share in the good things and to share in the bad. Contact me if this is something I could do for you!

I enjoy spending time with my kids, listening to them talk and tell me about a new song or soundtrack. I am now an expert in Hamilton! Any requests?

In Him,